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Will a wrongful death lawsuit prevent my family from focusing on the future?

If you’ve lost your loved one in a fatal crash on WIS 29, North 6th Street, or any other road in Wausau or Marathon County, then you are likely walking a fine line. You want to remember and honor your loved one. You need to mourn and you grieve your loved one’s loss every single day. Yet, at the same time you need to move forward. You want to remember the good times that you spent with your loved one while you help prepare your family for a future you never imagined.

A Wisconsin Wrongful Death Case Can Help You Do All of It

The purpose of a wrongful death case is not to dwell in the past, but rather to protect your future. Of course, your lawyer will do a thorough investigation into your loved one’s Wausau accident so that liability can be established and a strong case for damages can be made. This will not impact your emotional recovery. Instead, it is the job of your lawyer.

The damages that your lawyer may be able to recover for you may, however, have a significant impact on your recovery. It can provide the money that you need to pay the outstanding medical bills and funeral costs caused by the other driver’s negligence. It can provide you with compensation for the lost income your family has suffered, and will continue to suffer, because of your loved one’s death. It can also compensate your family for other damages such as the pain your loved one endured from the time of the accident until her death and your emotional loss.

Please share this FAQ with your other family members so that, together, you can make an educated decision that is in your family’s best interest. We wish you well during this very difficult time.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham

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