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Education is of primary importance in the village of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. In the late 1800s, farmers in the area wanted a local education for their children. In 1892, residents formed their own government and their own school system that was independent of neighboring Milwaukee. Today, education remains a priority in Whitefish Bay. The 2018 ratings rank the School District of Whitefish Bay as the number one school district in Wisconsin.

While the school system in Whitefish Bay is robust, it is not the only attraction in the area. There are more than 300 businesses in town, there is shopping conveniently located on Silver Spring Drive and at the Bay Shore Mall, and there is a tremendous sense of community. People often rate the sense of community and the safety of the area as their reasons for living in Whitefish Bay.

What to Do If You’re Hurt in Whitefish Bay

It can be overwhelming to be injured in the community that you considered safe. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen in all communities, and the best way to protect yourself after an accident is to know how to protect your fair recovery.

The steps that you take should be the same whether you are hurt by the negligence of a neighbor, a friend, or a stranger. The first thing you should do is to schedule a confidential and free meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can advise you of your rights. If you have a legal case, then the next steps in your recovery will include negotiating with applicable insurance companies or bringing your case to court if the insurance companies won’t settle. Either way, your recovery will come from the insurance company—and not your neighbor or friend—in most cases.

For more information about your particular claim, please contact our experienced lawyers today. We would be pleased to meet with you in our Milwaukee office. 

Directions to Our Milwaukee Office From Whitefish Bay, WI

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Our office will be on your right: 111 E. Kilbourn Avenue, Suite #1100, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.