No. While many fatal accidents may lead to successful Wisconsin wrongful death recoveries, not all fatal accidents are wrongful deaths. In order to bring a wrongful death case you must have a legal cause of action. Generally, if the death was the result of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, then you may be able to recover damages. However, if the accidental death was solely the result of your loved one’s own negligent or intentional acts, then you may not be able to recover.

It can often be complicated to determine whether someone else was responsible for an accidental death. Thus, it is usually important to contact a Milwaukee wrongful death lawyer for a free consultation about your case and potential legal rights. An experienced Milwaukee wrongful death attorney will review the circumstances of your loved one’s death and give you an accurate assessment of your legal right and potential recoveries. Then, together, you can decide whether you want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you are ready to take the first step to protecting your potential legal recovery by understanding your legal rights then we encourage you to contact our experienced Milwaukee accident death attorneys directly via our website or at 1-800-800-5678 or 1-414-223-4800. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation.

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