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No one ever thinks they're going to be seriously injured in an accident...until it happens to them. When dealing with the shock and pain that follows a dog bitecar accidentmotorcycle crash, or pharmaceutical error in Wisconsin, it can be hard even to focus on what needs to happen next.

You've probably asked yourself a million questions:

  • "How am I going to pay my medical bills?"
  • "What if I can never hold a full-time job again?"
  • "How is this going to impact my family?"

The Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Hupy and Abraham are here to answer those questions, ease your mind, and help you get your life back on track as soon as possible. We have five offices throughout Wisconsin, which means we can be wherever you need us to be. Our personal injury law offices are located in Milwaukee, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison and Wausau.

Although we have many different offices to serve you, we are sure to never spread ourselves too thin when it comes to the cases we take on. Hupy and Abraham only handles serious personal injury accident cases that were caused by another person's negligent actions. Why do we think it's so important for accident victims to work with attorneys that focus on personal injury? Here are four good reasons:

  1. The insurance companies know who we are. Personal injury attorneys deal with insurance companies all the time—and after a while, those companies start to learn which lawyers mean business. If an insurance company is giving you trouble or trying to low-ball you, we can sometimes turn things around with one phone call.
  2. We know how to build the best case possible. In representing so many different accident victims over the years, good personal injury attorneys learn how to efficiently collect evidence, obtain witness statements, and build a rock-solid case.
  3. We stay up-to-date on current laws and recent news stories. When personal injury is all you do, you need to make sure you know what is happening in the industry on a national level. Laws change and important verdicts pop up—personal injury attorneys will stay on top of all of this.
  4. We do this every single day. When you hire an law firm that practices only personal injury law, you can be confident in knowing its attorneys handle cases like yours every day of the week. They know what works, what doesn't work, and how to get you the best settlement possible.

The Wisconsin personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham are here to help you every step of the way. Call the office closest to you to schedule a free consultation and please feel free to browse our website to read the latest blog posts, news stories, and informational articles about injury law.

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The Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa personal injury attorneys of Hupy and Abraham know what you're dealing with after being involved in an accident. Whether you've been hurt in a Milwaukee car crash or Illinois motorcycle accident, you are facing some serious challenges and we're here to help.
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It can be difficult to apply all of this information to the facts of your case without the help of an experienced attorney. Our Wisconsin personal injury lawyers have extensive experience representing people who have been hurt in an accident in settlement negotiations and at trial, and we have a successful track record. If you would like to schedule a free consultation at one of our conveniently located Wisconsin offices in Milwaukee, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, or Wausau, then please call us today at 1-800-800-5678 or start a live chat with us now.