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There are many different neighborhoods and employers in the village of Mundelein, Illinois. The community prides itself on being family friendly, on providing excellent municipal services, and on continuing to grow. Redevelopment of the downtown area has been planned to provide a safe and vibrant area with a variety of different businesses.

But Safety Can Never Be Guaranteed

While the village of Mundelein strives to promote safety through its downtown redevelopment project and its strong municipal services, local government cannot always adequately control the behavior of individual citizens. A driver who is negligent behind the wheel, for example, could cause a serious car crash, motorcycle wreck, or pedestrian accident. Likewise, a property owner who fails to provide adequate security, control his dogs, or fix dangerous conditions could cause a negligent security incident, a dog bite, or a slip and fall accident injury.

Whenever any of these injuries happen because of someone else’s wrongdoing, you have the right to pursue a fair recovery pursuant to Illinois law. Our experienced personal lawyers are passionate about helping people get the full recoveries that they deserve. We work tirelessly to get each of our clients the unique recoveries that they deserve based on the facts of their case and the injuries that they have suffered.

We Never Forget What Is at Stake

To us, each personal injury victim is not simply a client or a case number, but rather an individual whose life has been changed and who deserves to make a fair recovery. We always work with that goal in mind.

To learn more about our philosophy and about how we may be able to help you after a Mundelein accident, please contact us directly to schedule a free meeting in our conveniently located Gurnee office.

Directions to Our Gurnee Office From Mundelein

  • Heading north on US-45N/S Lake Street toward E Courtland Street.
  • Turning right onto W Washington Street.

Our office will be on your right, 6475 Washington Street #105, Gurnee, Illinois.

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