Whether a single person, a family, or a group of friends takes a vacation, one thing remains true: it should be a fun and relaxing time. It should also be a safe experience. Unfortunately, for many people, a vacation is not always safe. In fact, some vacationers will never return home. This is because they may pass away while trying to enjoy a little time to themselves.

Sadly, the death that takes place may be no fault of the person on vacation but rather due to the negligence of someone else. When this occurs, it is known as a wrongful death.

There are many things that can cause a loved one to become injured and die while on vacation. Some of the common ways someone may die while on vacation are:

  • On a vehicle. Vacations are fun, especially when they involve some sort of vehicle such as an ATV, personal watercraft, boat, or passenger vehicle. It is important that the owners of these recreational vehicles properly maintain them and provide a safe experience for their riders.
  • Drowning. A large number of resorts and vacation areas provide swimming pools and spas for their guests. When not properly maintained or supervised, bad things can happen. A drowning death can occur when a vacationer is trying to enjoy and relax in the water.
  • Slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence that can sometimes lead to a death. Someone on vacation may slip on fluids at a resort, trip on torn carpet, or fall because of a defective stair or escalator.
  • Kidnapping. Sadly, many predators prey on victims they know are unfamiliar with the area and vulnerable. Kidnappings often lead to a murder or wrongful death.

If you have lost a loved one due to a wrongful death accident while he was on vacation, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about wrongful death and how we may help your situation, browse through our in-depth wrongful death library. You can also fill out the contact form on this page.

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