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Hupy and Abraham’s Milwaukee injury law office is conveniently located downtown on East Kilbourn Avenue. Over the last half-century, our personal injury lawyers have helped more than 70,000 clients recover more than $1 billion in compensation. Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyer helps injury victims and their families get accountability and fair compensation after car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, truck collisionsslip and falls, dog bites, wrongful death, and other accidents throughout The Cream City. Call our personal injury law firm at 414-223-4800 to schedule a free consultation.

Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

Voted Best Injury Law Firm in Milwaukee 11 Years in a RowOur office is in the Milwaukee Center Office Tower on the Milwaukee River, which is the city’s only five-star office complex and is conveniently located in the center of the downtown entertainment district. For additional office and parking information, be sure to watch our Milwaukee office tour. Here, our award-winning injury attorneys work hard every day to represent clients hurt in car wrecks and other accidents throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. We work with our four other Wisconsin office locations to serve communities throughout the entire state. 

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Why Choose Our Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers have a national reputation for excellence. Year after year, we are rated best by our clients and peers and are proud of our more than 250 awards and recognitions. Those include the “Best Personal Injury Law Firm” by both the Wisconsin Law Journal readership and the Shepherd Express’ “Best of Milwaukee” poll.

We are ready to use our experience for your benefit. Insurance companies know that we mean business and are often willing to reach fair settlements with us. However, If a fair settlement can’t be reached, we will not hesitate to represent you in court.

Please contact us any time through this website or by calling 414-223-4800 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today. We are open 24/7/365 for your call or live chat. When you are ready to meet, we offer many options, including video meetings and in-person consultations.

Inside our personal injury law office in Milwaukee

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who specializes in protecting the legal rights of those injured due to another person or business' negligence.

What Does a Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney Do?

An experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyer will make sure their client recieves fair and just compensation for injuries they've suffered due to another party's negligence. Not only that, but a good injury attorney will collect evidence, negotiate with the other person's insurance, go to court (if necessary) and most importantly, answer any questions you have and make you feel comfortable with the plan in place.

What Kind of Cases Does an Injury Attorney Work On?

Below are 8 of the most common reasons you should hire a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer. If you’ve been involved in any of the following types of accidents due to another person’s negligence, Hupy and Abraham can help.

  • Car Accidents: A driver can cause a car wreck in many different ways—particularly if the driver is drowsy, distracted, or drunk. If you’ve been hurt because of another driver’s negligence then you have the right to recover damages for the harm that you have suffered.
  • Truck WrecksTruckers can cause catastrophic accidents because of the size and weight of their vehicles. If a trucker’s or trucking company’s negligence caused the crash that hurt you then you may be able to recover damages.
  • Motorcycle Collision: Car drivers and truckers often do not watch for riders like they should or they make a mistake that causes a crash. Motorcyclists are often the ones who are most significantly hurt in these collisions. If this has happened to you then you deserve to make a fair recovery.
  • Slip and Fall: In order to recover damages in a slip and fall case, you must prove that the property owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition; that the property owner failed to fix it or warn you about it; that the property owner owed you a duty of care; and that you were hurt as a result of the property owner’s negligence.
  • Dog BiteDog owners have a duty to keep others safe from their dog. If you, or your child, have been hurt by someone else’s dog then you may have the right to recover damages for your injuries.
  • Injury Because of Negligent Security: In some situations, property owners or operators have a duty to provide you with reasonable security. If they fail to provide that security by failing to have adequate staff, by failing to train staff, or by failing to have fences or other barriers in place, for example, then you may have the right to make a legal recovery.
  • Pharmaceutical Medication or Medical DeviceDangerous drugs and medical devices are on the market in the United States, despite being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. If you’ve been hurt by a side effect that you were not warned about, then it is important to talk to a lawyer about your legal options.

Additionally, you may need to take action to protect your recovery if your loved one was killed in a Milwaukee accident. Wrongful death lawsuits may help your family financially and emotionally after your loved one’s death.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Milwaukee?

If you have been injured because another person or company behaved irresponsibly, you have a right to seek compensation for the damages they have caused. If you have suffered a serious injury, here are some of the ways an experienced personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee can help you:

  • Nationwide is Not on Your Side: The insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line, not for your best interests. Bob the adjuster may seem friendly on the phone, but it’s his job to offer you the lowest possible settlement, not to compensate you fairly for your injuries. Hiring an injury attorney to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf can ensure that you get a fair settlement.
  • You May Be Eligible for More Than You Think: How much is your injury claim worth? An experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorney will make sure that your settlement covers all your losses, including your medical bills, your future medical needs, your pain and suffering and your lost income.
  • Proving a Personal Injury Case is Complicated: In order to get the maximum available compensation, you will need to prove that the person who caused your injury is at fault and that you are asking for a reasonable amount of money. If you can’t provide evidence to support your case, your claim will be denied. An experienced Milwaukee injury lawyer will be able to gather the information and documentation needed to prove your case.
  • A Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer Can Represent You in Court: If the insurance company won’t play fair, your attorney will file a lawsuit and let a jury determine the true value of your case. Your attorney will file the necessary paperwork; prepare you for court, and present evidence on your behalf.
  • The Staute of Limitations is Running Out: Wisconsin has a three-year statute of limitations on most personal injury claims. This may seem like plenty of time, but proving your Wisconsin injury claim involves more than filling out a few forms. If you are recovering from a serious injury, you may have other things on your mind. A Milwaukee injury attorney will make sure that all your paperwork is filled out properly and filed on time.
  • An Attorney Can Manage Your Settlement: Once you are awarded a settlement, your attorney will make sure that any liens and outstanding bills are paid off. He will take out his fee and pay you the remainder.

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What Should I Do After an Accident to Protect My Right to Recovery?

The first step to protecting your rights is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys at Hupy and Abraham will review your case with you and discuss whether you have a claim for which relief can be granted in a court of law. If you do have a case, then your lawyer can make sure that all of your rights are protected, that the appropriate papers are filed, and that a full investigation is done. Your Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can advocate on your behalf during negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company or in court.

How Can I Find the Best Injury Lawyer in Milwaukee?

Keep in mind, when looking for the best bike accident lawyer in Milwaukee, you should follow the same steps you would use to find any kind of service, provider or attorney.

  • Client Testimonials are Important: If a law firm has lots of positive reviews on their website, that’s generally a good sign that people are pleased with the services they received. Reviews on Google, Avvo and other review sites are also a great way to determine whether your Milwaukee personal injury lawyer is as good as they say they are.
  • Experience Matters: You wouldn’t hire a foot surgeon to operate on your heart, the same way you wouldn’t hire a family law attorney to handle your personal injury case. Not only should you read up about the attorneys, but you should ask questions during your free consultation, as not all personal injury attorneys in MIlwaukee are created equal. One lawyer may have tons of experience with dog bites, while another has tons of experience in car accidents, or vice versa. It’s important to hire an attorney that has plenty of experience with whatever specific type of personal injury you suffered.
  • Clear Communication is Key: While there are plenty of good bike crash lawyers out there, feeling comfortable with the attorney representing you can go a long way. You want to choose a firm that you feel is truly invested in getting you the best result possible. If you feel that your attorney isn’t being upfront with you or is not communicating in a manner that you think is responsible, then you may have to go in a different direction and find someone who will.

What Questions Should I Ask a PI Attorney During a Consultation?

  1. Do you have experience with accident cases like mine? Not all personal injury cases are the same. You want to make sure that your attorney has experience with cases that are similar to yours. You should ask for case results and client testimonials.
  2. When will my case be filed? You want to be sure that the attorney has the time to make your case a priority. Some attorneys prefer to wait until just before the statute of limitations runs out before they file an injury claim; there is no reason for this delay. Your bills are piling up and you deserve a car accident lawyer who will help you now.
  3. What is my case worth? During your free consultation, you will discuss the details of your accident and injuries, and by the time you finish, the attorney should be able to give you an estimate of the value of your case.
  4. Why should I hire you? You are hiring a personal injury lawyer because you need money to cover the cost of your car accident. You want a lawyer who can get you the maximum recovery. It is ok to ask the lawyer why he thinks he can get you a better settlement than someone else.
  5. How much do I have to pay? Milwaukee accident lawyers often work on a contingency fee basis. This means that, if you win your case, you pay the attorney a percentage of your settlement. If the lawyer doesn’t win your case, you pay no legal fees. Ask your attorney if you are responsible for any other costs, such as filing fees, copying fees, and out-of-pocket expenses.

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