Talk to A Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Is A Rider Themselves

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Motorcycle accidents can result in significant pain and long-term financial and emotional stress. No matter what caused your bike crash, you should speak to an attorney to find out more about your legal options if you’ve been injured.

As one of the top motorcycle litigation firms in the United States, the Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer at Hupy and Abraham have successfully represented well over 4,000 injured riders in Wisconsin and secured a number of settlements in excess of a million dollars.

Hupy and Abraham's rider lawyers in Wisconsin don't just advocate for motorcycle accident victims—they live and breathe the culture. Our lawyers are riders themselves, and they are heavily involved in changing laws, supporting riders’ rights and living the biker culture as part of their everyday lives.

After a motorcycle accident in Wisconsin, injured riders need top-notch help from experienced attorneys to ensure they get fair treatment from law enforcement and insurance companies. Our Wisconsin offices in Milwaukee, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, and Wausau offer free consultations to discuss your accident and are ready to take your call 24/7/365. Call us today at 1-800-800-5678.

You can learn more about how to protect yourself after a bike accident by reading our free book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims, by browsing our extensive website and by reading the information provided below.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Common types of motorcycle crashes include:

  • T-bone crashes. When a car or truck fails to stop at an intersection, then a side impact collision—also called a T-bone accident—can occur and result in physical injuries.
  • Rear-end accidents. A car or truck that follows a rider too closely may hit the rider from behind and cause a serious injury.
  • Head-on collisions. A head-on collision occurs when a car or truck is in the wrong lane or traveling the wrong way on a one way road. The results for the rider who lack the protective metal of a car can be catastrophic.
  • Left-turn accidents. Many motorcycle crashes occur when a car or truck attempts to make a left turn in front of a rider. The rider ends up colliding with the side of the vehicle and can be badly hurt or killed.

Our attorneys have successful represented injured riders in these types of accidents.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Many of the types of accidents described above are caused by…

  • Car and truck driver mistakes. Car and truck drivers are often at fault when there is a collision between a car or truck and a motorcycle. Drivers of four-wheeled vehicles may fail to yield to riders, may misjudge a rider’s distance, or may not look out for riders the way they do other vehicles and they may thereby cause catastrophic crashes.
  • Distracted driving. A driver who is distracted by a cell phone, a GPS, another device, another person, or his own daydreams can cause a serious crash.
  • Drunk driving. A driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs can cause a devastating accident.
  • Drowsy driving. Tired drivers may be as dangerous as drunk or distracted drivers. Whether or not they fall asleep at the wheel, an accident caused by a drowsy driver can be dangerous for a rider.
  • Poor road design or road conditions. Potholes, blind turns, poor lighting, and slippery roads can make things dangerous for riders.
  • Speeding drivers. Speeding drivers may not have enough time to stop before hitting a rider, and the force with which a speeding driver hits a motorcyclist may contribute to serious injuries.
  • Aggressive drivers. Aggressive car and truck drivers may weave in and out of traffic or follow riders too closely. This can make accidents—and injuries—more likely.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, serious injuries may result.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Our experienced Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer helps injured riders recover from…

  • Brain and head injuries. Skull fractures, closed head injuries, and other traumatic brain injuries can cause long-term or permanent changes for a rider after a motorcycle accident.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries, incomplete spinal cord injuries, and spinal stenosis can change a rider’s life after a crash.
  • Broken bones. A broken arm, leg, pelvis, hip, collarbone, back, rib, or other bone can be painful and result in a long recovery period.
  • rider’s arm. rider’s arm, also known as rider’s arm, occurs when the nerves of the upper arm are injured in a fall. In severe cases, this nerve damage can lead to arm paralysis.
  • Road rash. When a rider hits the pavement, significant scraping of the skin—known as road rash—can occur. Road rash is painful and it can result in a serious infection or scarring.
  • Chest injuries. If you suffer a chest injury in a bike crash, than vital organs such as your lungs or heart can be compromised.
  • Eye injuries. A wound to the eye or debris in the eye can cause significant and sometimes permanent vision changes and pain.
  • Open wounds. Lacerations or significant cuts can become infected or result in scarring.
  • Facial and dental injuries. Facial bones or teeth may be broken during a motorcycle accident, and these injuries may result in pain and extensive medical treatment.
  • Amputations. An amputation may occur at the accident scene or because of an infection that results from a bike injury. Either way, it is a life-changing condition for an injured rider.

Any rider who has suffered one of these injuries because of someone else’s negligence should recover damages.

Additionally, we help the survivors of those who have lost loved ones in bike accidents to pursue wrongful death claims.

Tips for Protecting Your Fair Motorcycle Accident Recovery

Motorcycle accident recoveries are not automatic. Instead, there are specific things that you can do to protect yourself, such as:

Together, these things can make your accident case easier.

How a Motorcycle Accident Claim Works—And What You May Recover If You’re Successful

Before you can recover damages, you must take action. When pursuing a motorcycle accident case in Wisconsin, it is important to know:

  • How to collect evidence at the scene of the crash. The information that you get at the time of your accident can be important evidence in settlement negotiations or at trial.
  • Whether you have the legal standing to file a lawsuit. Wisconsin law defines who has the authority to bring a lawsuit. If you don’t have standing to sue, then the defense will raise that issue and your case will be dismissed.
  • How long you have to file a claim. The Wisconsin statute of limitations limits the amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit. If you fail to file your case within that time, then the defense will raise that issue and your case will be dismissed.
  • What contributory negligence is—and how it may impact your case. You may be able to recover damages even if you were partly to blame for your motorcycle accident; however, the amount of damages that you can recover may be impacted.
  • Whether you may need expert witnesses. Some cases benefit from expert witnesses who can provide important opinions about why your accident occurred or about your injuries.
  • Whether you need an attorney. Injured riders who are represented by attorneys often recover more in damages than those who represent themselves. Thus, it is important to understand the benefits of working with an experienced Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer.
  • How settlements work. The settlement process can be complicated, but you can be successful if you know how settlements work.

It is also important to know what kind of damages you may recover after a bike accident. Such damages may include compensation for past, current, and future:

  • Medical expenses. Medical expenses include all of your health care costs, including (but not limited to) hospital stays, surgeries, doctors’ visits, medications, and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Lost income. Lost income may include all of your income if you are unable to work, or part of your income if you are unable to work the same hours or the same job due to your accident injuries. Both employees and self-employed workers are able to recover for lost income.
  • Out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-pocket expenses may include things such as property damage, transportation costs, help around the house, and other costs incurred because of your accident injuries.
  • Pain and suffering. Your physical pain and emotional suffering may be both your most significant damages and the hardest to value. Thus, it is important to know how to recover fairly for these damages.

These damages can have a profound impact on your physical, emotional, and financial recoveries.

Trust the Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer That is Committed to the Rider Community

As part of our commitment to the motorcycle community, Hupy and Abraham is actively involved in helping Wisconsin riders with legislation issues, safety concerns, and rider's rights, by providing support to:

  • Harley-Davidson HOG local chapters
  • The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)
  • Wisconsin ABATE
  • Illinois A.B.A.T.E.
  • Accident Scene Management Bystander Assistance Programs

Rescue Riders

Not only do the attorneys of Hupy and Abraham provide support to local organizations, but our motorcycle lawyers also look out for the legal rights of individual riders and protect the right of riders to wear their colors in local establishments and at local events.

At Hupy and Abraham, we pride ourselves on being the most successful Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer in Wisconsin, having a proven record of collecting tens of millions of dollars for injured riders and working for riders' rights and safety awareness.

We are committed to educating the public to watch for motorcycles through free bumper stickers, billboards, newspaper announcements and televised public service announcements.​