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The city of Stoughton is located on State Highway 51, about 15 miles south of Madison. Stoughton is a small city of about 12,000 residents and approximately four square miles.

However, it is a small city that has a big impact. Stoughton claims to be the birth place of the coffee break and community television. It is world headquarters to several international businesses, including Nelson Global Products, Universal AET, and Cummins Filtration. It is home to the Stoughton Opera House, which attracts visitors from all over and it is home to the residents who live in its historic neighborhoods.

Residents, Workers, and Visitors All Share the Same Risks

Those risks include personal injuries in area businesses, homes, nursing homes, and on the streets of the city. If you trip and fall, if you’re a victim of abuse, if you are involved in a motor vehicle crash, or if you are otherwise injured, you may have the right to recover whenever you can prove that someone else’s negligent or intentional actions caused you to suffer an injury.

Our Madison personal injury lawyers are committed to helping you if you’ve been hurt in a Stoughton accident. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to find out what caused your accident and to understand how your injuries impact your life. We will thoroughly explain your rights to you and fight hard to get you the fair compensation that you deserve. You can be assured that you will never be just another case to us. Instead, you will receive all the legal attention that you deserve so that you can be confident in the decisions that you make.

To learn more, please schedule a free and confidential consultation with us at your earliest convenience. We welcome your call or website contact and we look forward to meeting you in our Madison office. 

Madison Office Directions

Stoughton Driving Directions

  • Taking US 51 N/E Main St.
  • Turning left onto WI 138 N/ WI 138 Trunk N.
  • Making a slight right toward US 14 W.
  • Merging onto US 14 W.
  • Taking the US 12 E/US 18 E exit.
  • Keeping left at the fork to continue onto Exit 132B, following signs for US-12 W/US-14W/US-18 W/US-151 S and merging onto US-12 W/US-14W/US-18 W.
  • Taking Exit 259 toward Todd Drive.
  • Taking W Beltline Frontage Rd to our office.

Our office will be on your left: 3001 W Beltline Highway, Suite 204, Madison, Wisconsin.

Testimonials by Hupy and Abraham Clients

Hupy and Abrahams law firm is wonderful! They actually mean business when it comes to your case and they care about others as proven in their don't text & drive campaign. They promote motorcycle awareness and are actively involved w many community events and overall they're simply good people!