When we are sick, we go to visit healthcare professionals with the confidence that they will treat us and make us better. This, unfortunately, is not always the case. Sometimes prescription errors can cause a patient to become even more ill. In some instances those errors cause death. The tragedy here is that wrongful death cases in Wisconsin due to medication errors are almost always preventable.

The death of a loved one due to medication errors is devastating and heart-wrenching. It often leaves the family and loved ones confused, as they expected the medications to make the deceased one better, not dead.

There are several factors that may cause wrongful death in Madison due to medication. Some of the common causes for these deaths are due to:

1.      Manufacturing error. Like any other sort of product on the market, drugs are manufactured and shipped to end users. Humans or the machines can cause these errors. Unfortunately, these errors can have dire consequences.

2.      Incorrect prescription. A doctor may prescribe—or a pharmacist fill—the wrong medication than what is needed. Adverse reactions or too high of dosages can cause patients to become more ill and possibly die. A dosage too low may leave the patient vulnerable to illness.

3.      Incompatible drugs combined. There are certain types of drugs that should not be taken with other types. Mixing the different drugs that are not compatible with one another can cause a patient to become very ill and pass away.

4.      Side effects. Some patients may be more vulnerable to some of the side effects of a medication. These side effects, when negligently ignored, can cause death to a patient.

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