It's important to retain the police report from your accident.

If the police responded to your motorcycle accident, then they likely investigated the crash and issued a report. That report is relevant to your case and it is important to obtain; however, it is not the only evidence that is important. Your attorney will certainly review your police accident report and consider what is written there, but your lawyer will also conduct an independent investigation.

Why the Police Report Is Important—and Why It’s Not the Only Important Evidence

The police are trained impartial investigators who were at the scene of your motorcycle accident. While they likely did not see the crash occur, they were present shortly after and they were able to see all of the people and vehicles involved in the crash. Their findings are, therefore, relevant…but they may not be definitive.

Other important evidence can be gathered during the legal discovery process that could be relevant to your case. An attorney may use written interrogatories, oral depositions, requests for production of documents, and other discovery methods to learn more about what really happened in your motorcycle accident case and to fight for your recovery.

It is not unusual for new evidence—or even evidence that conflicts with the official police report—to be obtained during the discovery phase of your lawsuit. Any new information about your accident is most certainly relevant and may be considered in your case as long as you have not yet accepted a settlement offer or been issued a verdict at trial.

How to Get a Copy of Your Police Report to Share With Your Lawyer

Even if new evidence is gathered, it is important to obtain a copy of the police report for your accident. This may help your attorney advocate for your recovery and prepare for likely arguments from the defense. In Wisconsin, you can obtain a copy of your report from the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). You can visit the DOT website or you can make your request to the DOT by sending it in writing with the required payment to P.O. Box 7919, Madison, WI 53707-7919.

Then all of the evidence—that contained in the police report and that obtained by your lawyer—can be used appropriately to help you resolve your claim.

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