An expert witness may prove vital to your motorcycle injury caseNot every motorcycle accident case requires the testimony and opinions of expert witnesses. The typical motorcycle injury victim finds it difficult to know whether his claim could benefit from expert witnesses, what type of experts he might need, and how to find these experts.

That is where your motorcycle accident lawyer can be helpful. Our lawyers are experienced attorneys who have successfully tried and settled many motorcycle injury cases, and, just as importantly, we are riders ourselves. We know what questions to ask, what evidence to gather, and how to advocate for our clients.

Experts to Consider

An expert witness is one who has special knowledge, proficiency, or experience to be considered an authority on a certain subject. After a motorcycle accident, your attorney may discuss the following types of expert witnesses with you:

  • Accident reconstructionists. These experts in their field can help attorneys, insurance adjusters, juries and judges understand how your accident likely happened and who was at fault for causing the crash.
  • Economists. Economists can help put a value on your future damages, lost wages, and diminished earning potential.
  • Doctors. Doctors can talk about your injury prognosis. They can explain what your ongoing medical needs may be and how your injuries may impact your daily living activities and ability to work in the future.

Other experts may also be suggested based on the unique circumstances of your case. As with every legal decision, your lawyer will discuss the pros and cons of hiring an expert with you and help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Talk to an Experienced Bike Injury Lawyer About Your Options

Motorcycle accident lawyers know how to find the expert witnesses whom you may need to prove your case or to establish the value of your injuries. If you have been seriously hurt in a complicated motorcycle accident case, then you should not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer who can help you make the decisions that are right for you.

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