Head injuries from a motorcycle accident may affect your life for years to comeHead injuries are a leading cause of serious injury and death for motorcycle accident victims. Every head and brain injury is unique and every victim suffers different complications depending on the part of the head or brain that was hurt, the force of the accident, and his or her underlying health. However, there are common types of brain injuries that riders should know about.

Head and Brain Injuries to Watch for After a Motorcycle Crash

Some of the risks faced after a motorcycle crash include:

  • Skull fractures. A skull fracture occurs when any part of the cranium or skull bone is broken during an accident. This may occur upon impact with the ground, the bike, or another object. Sometimes, a fracture is associated with neurological damage and it may be particularly dangerous when a piece of bone pierces the brain, a membrane, or a blood vessel. Infection and brain damage are serious risks after skull fractures. A proper diagnosis and prompt treatment is necessary after this type of head injury. Treatments may include spinal taps, lumbar drains, medications and surgeries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild, moderate or severe. Motorcycle accident victims may experience minor symptoms and they may heal completely or they experience significant symptoms that never go away. Severe traumatic brain injuries can result in communication problems, emotional or behavioral problems, cognitive issues, pain, seizures, and other issues.

Sometimes skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries occur together, and sometimes victims suffer from one injury or the other. Either way, the effects can be devastating and it is important to take prompt action to protect your future.

Protect Your Recovery If You’ve Suffered One of These Serious Injuries

If you have suffered one of the injuries described above, or if your loved one has died from such an injury, then it is important to know more about your legal rights. If another driver’s negligence caused your motorcycle accident and injuries, then you may be able to recover damages, but first you have to take the appropriate actions. Please start a live chat with us now to learn more about your potential settlement or lawsuit and let’s get started protecting your recovery today.


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