It can be thrilling to ride a motorcycle, but on days when the wind picks up, it introduces a new set of challenges that riders must navigate. How can you stay safe during windy motorcycle rides? The answer lies in understanding the potential risks and taking necessary precautions to avoid bike accidents and serious injuries

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biker out for a windy motorcycle ride in MilwaukeeWays to Prepare for Windy Conditions

According to our Milwaukee bike accident lawyer, If you decide to venture out on your motorcycle on a blustery day, there are several ways to prepare so you can avoid potential hazards.

Review the Weather Forecast

The first step is to check the weather. Pay attention to the wind speed, potential gusts, and any warnings related to high winds. If the forecast predicts excessively windy conditions, it might be wise to reconsider your ride or choose an alternative mode of transportation.

Check Your Surroundings and Re-route if Possible

Before embarking on your journey, assess your surroundings. If your planned route includes areas prone to strong crosswinds, consider re-routing to more sheltered roads. Wind patterns vary, so having a backup route in mind can make your ride safer and more enjoyable.

Secure Loose Items

Take extra care to secure any loose items that could blow away. You’ll also want to reduce the number of items you carry on your bike, such as saddle bags or other belongings. Loose clothing can also be problematic in the wind, so wear clothes that fit tight to your body.

Staying Safe During Windy Motorcycle Rides

Crosswinds pose a significant threat to motorcyclists. Strong winds destabilize your motorcycle when they blow perpendicular to your riding direction. This can lead to wobbling or even loss of control. Understanding how to counteract crosswinds through body positioning and adjusting speed is crucial for avoiding accidents.

Wind shear—the sudden change in wind direction or speed—can catch you off guard, too. This phenomenon is especially common in areas with varying topography. Stay vigilant when riding on a windy day and be prepared to adapt quickly to such changes to prevent accidents.

The following tips can help you ride your motorcycle safely in windy conditions:

  • Maintain a firm grip and body position. Bracing against the wind requires a strong and steady grip on the handlebars. Keep your body centered over the motorcycle, and maintain a relaxed but firm posture. Leaning into the wind helps you maintain stability and control.
  • Reduce your speed. Wind significantly affects your motorcycle's stability, especially at higher speeds. Consider slowing down to remain in control and reduce the risk of accidents. Riding at a moderate speed allows you to react more effectively to sudden gusts and changes in wind direction and also to other drivers on the road.
  • Be mindful of wind gusts. These are particularly challenging for motorcyclists. Anticipate gusts, especially when passing through open areas or when large vehicles are nearby.  If you’re caught in a gust, don’t panic: remain calm, slow down, and move to the side of the road if necessary.
  • Stay alert. Windy weather often causes an accumulation of debris on the road, which poses a significant hazard for motorcyclists. Debris such as leaves, branches, or even larger items can be blown onto the roadway, increasing the risk of accidents. Always stay alert and scan the road ahead for potential obstacles, taking extra precautions when necessary.

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Accidents can still occur despite taking all necessary precautions, and when they do, the consequences can be severe. A Milwaukee bike accident lawyer can be instrumental in helping riders navigate the legal aftermath of an incident. 

If you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys can assist your case by gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and seeking compensation for injuries and damages.

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