That’s why we went to law school. Determining who is responsible for causing a motorcyle accident in Milwaukee is far from simple, yet it is a crucial part of any attempt to recover compensation for our clients. A traffic crash in Milwaukee can involve a dozen or more people who are potentially at fault; proving where the blame lies is one of the hardest parts of any Wisconsin personal injury case.

There is a certain level of bias against motorcyclists in our society—so much so that a common reaction to any serious motorcycle accident in Milwaukee is to blame the rider. That’s not only unfair, it’s also wrong in the majority of accidents involving two or more vehicles. We know from experience that police reports and witness statements can be in error. A good Milwaukee bike accident lawyer looks beyond those initial levels of evidence in order to find the truth.

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Responsibility: Why is it so Important?

motorcycle accident MilwaukeeA successful lawsuit begins with tracing the chain of cause and effect backward to see whose actions (or inactions) made the accident happen. If that person acted in a way that a reasonable person could see would have a significant risk of harming others, then that person is said to have been negligent. A negligent person can be sued to recover the costs of all injuries, losses, and harms that occur after the motorcycle accident in Milwaukee, liable for both economic and non-economic damages.

Every motorcycle accident in Milwaukee is unique, with a different set of people who could potentially be liable for damages. According to our Milwaukee bike accident lawyer, typical list might include, among others:
  • the drivers 
  • the manufacturer of your motorcycle, its tires, or other parts 
  • the people who repair or maintain the vehicles
  • the business which owns a commercial vehicle involved in the accident
  • the workers or government agency responsible for road upkeep or road signs
  • the tavern owner who served alcohol to a drunk driver.

As you can see, determining who is really responsible for causing a motocycle accident in Milwaukee can be a bewildering puzzle involving many people. Proving fault can require in-depth investigation and even recreating the incident.

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Proving fault or negligence is the linchpin for any personal injury case. If you have been involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Milwaukee, WI, that was not your fault, you will find that hiring anattorney early in the process improves your chances of getting full compensation for all you have lost.

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