Six Things All Wisconsin Riders Should Know

A motorcycle accident is a traumatic experience. It can be hard to think clearly, to understand what happened and how it impacts your future, and to plan your next steps when you are hurt. However, decisions do need to be made quickly to protect your physical and financial recoveries.

Accordingly, It Is Important to Keep These Things in Mind

Whether you have already been in a motorcycle accident or you are worried about being in one, it is important to know…

  • About Wisconsin motorcycle laws. Wisconsin law requires every motorcyclist to have a license, it requires bikes to have certain features, and it requires certain things of riders when they are on the road. As a rider, it is important to find out what is required before you are ticketed for noncompliance with a state law or before you are hurt in a crash.
  • What kind of insurance you are required to purchase as a Wisconsin rider. Motorcycles are motor vehicles and, thus, motorcyclists must carry at least the state mandated minimum insurance for property damage and injuries. Additionally, motorcyclists have the option of purchasing additional insurance, such as uninsured motorist coverage, to more fully protect their financial vulnerability if an accident occurs.
  • How to get a copy of a police report after a Wisconsin motorcycle crash. Any time you are involved in a collision that results in property damage or bodily injury, it is important to contact the police. The state or local police will respond, depending on where your accident occurred. After the police help everyone get the medical attention he needs and secure the accident area to prevent further crashes, they will investigate your accident. A report will be written, you have the right to get a copy of the report, and it is important that you do so.
  • How to deal with insurance adjusters after a motorcycle accident. Insurance adjusters want to pay you as little as possible for your motorcycle accident claim—even if you were not at fault for causing the crash. Anything that you say to an adjuster can be used against you during settlement negotiations, so it is important to know what you should and should not say and do when dealing with an adjuster after a crash.
  • That there is a bias against riders that you may overcome. Many people believe that riders are often at fault for crashes. However, studies suggest that other drivers frequently cause motorcycle accidents. It is important to be treated fairly and to have your accident investigated without bias if you’ve been hurt.
  • What you shouldn’t do after a crash. There are certain things that you should not do after a motorcycle accident because they could hurt your case. However, if you know what these things are then you may be able to avoid them and you may be able to protect your recovery.

Additionally, it is important to know more about your rights and about what you should do after a motorcycle crash. Your time to file a motorcycle accident claim is limited. Please download a free copy of our report, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims, today and please contact us to schedule a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

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