Don't expect the insurance adjuster to offer full value for your claimYou are still recovering from your motorcycle accident injuries. You are dealing with the physical pain, the emotional suffering, and the inconveniences of your injuries and you feel like you can’t handle one more thing.

That may be when the insurance adjuster calls to take about the crash. And that may be when you tell the insurance adjuster that you are represented by an attorney.

Understand the Insurance Adjuster’s Job Before You Talk

The insurance carrier deals with hundreds of claims every week and trains a large team of adjusters to settle claims at the best possible terms…for the insurance company. His training involves psychology and smart tactics—alternating friendliness and threats, offers for immediate cash handouts or delaying tactics. For example, consider what the insurance adjuster may really mean when he says:

  • I’m sympathetic to your situation, but… The insurance adjuster may be trying to convince you that he is on your side. He is not. He is working for an insurance company that will maximize its profits by giving you as little money as possible.
  • This is the best you will be able to do. The insurance adjuster can’t know that for sure. You may be do better if you hire a lawyer and continue negotiations or go to trial.
  • There’s no need to call a lawyer; we can work it out. The insurance adjuster may be afraid of what you’ll learn and of what you’ll be able to recover if you call a lawyer.
  • Please provide a recorded statement. What the insurance adjuster may not tell you is that anything you say may be later used against you.
  • I need you to sign these settlement papers today. The insurance adjuster may not want you to have time to think about the amount or consult with anyone else. Once you sign the papers you are very unlikely to recover more from the insurance company for this accident in the future.

You always have the right to stop the conversation.

And You Always Have the Right to Get Help

You have the right to tell the insurance adjuster that you are represented by an attorney and to give the adjuster to name and contact information for your lawyer. Then your experienced lawyer can handle negotiations with the insurance company while you focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

Do not be a victim of insurance company tactics; instead, contact us today at 1-800-800-5678 to begin protecting your rights and your potential recovery with a free consultation.

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