According to their website,, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing of America (PhRMA) works to "conduct effective advocacy for public policies that encourage discovery of important new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical/biotechnology research companies."

To this end, PhRMA conducts advocacy efforts across the nation, most notably, in Washington, D.C.  Please read on to learn more about PhRMA.

  • Safety- PhRMA asserts that safety is their main goal. They state that, "America's pharmaceutical companies play a critical role in establishing and monitoring the safety of our medicines."
  • Innovation- Information on this page revolves around the discovery of new drugs and the testing they go through. PhRMA states that only one out of every 10,000 potential medicines makes it through the investigation and research stage. The average drug has taken 15 years to make it through this cycle before being approved by the FDA for use.
  • Research and development- PhRMA has compiled a list of informative websites that explain the research and development process. Useful links include: FDA issues, research stories, discovering new medicines and approving new medicines.
  • Issues- This page deals directly with the harm that drugs can do. Though it is true that there is "much to be proud of about the contributions of the pharmaceutical industry" PhRMA does believe that they must work to "rebuild the foundation of trust that we once had and the foundation of trust that we continue to deserve".

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America are, as stated, an advocacy group for the pharmaceutical industry.  Their primary role is to speak for big pharma and advocate the work the industry does.

Though we agree that most medicines work to heal and prevent illness, there are those that put the patient's life at risk.  The staff and attorneys at Hupy & Abraham hope that PhRMA and the pharmaceutical industry continue to produce useful, safe drugs.  We also hope that they take responsibility for any dangerous drugs that manage to make it through the rigorous research process. 

If you believe that you have been harmed by a drug, please do not hesitate to contact your Wisconsin (WI) personal injury attorney at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.