Errors in manufacturing medicines may make the drugmaker liable for your injuries

The problem was not in the design of the drug or medical device that hurt you. The plans for or the design of the medication or medical device was safe.

The problem was not a lack of warnings on the label or misleading advertising. You knew what side effects were possible based on the drug or medical device that was designed.

Yet you were still hurt by a prescription drug or medical device and the pharmaceutical company may be to blame.

Manufacturing Mistakes Can Cause Medical Problems

When a pharmaceutical company is negligent during the manufacturing of a medication or medical device, then unanticipated and dangerous side effects can result. A pharmaceutical company’s failure to use reasonable care to manufacture a medication or medical device according to a specific design can result in:

  • Contamination of the drug or medical device. Something that was not supposed to be added to the drug or medical device may have gotten in during the manufacturing process.
  • The wrong dose of the drug. The medication may be stronger or weaker than it was designed.
  • The wrong label being put on the drug or medical device. The label may be missing crucial information or may be the wrong label for the medication or medical device.
  • A medical device that is not designed according to an approved plan. A part could be broken or missing.

Any of these mistakes can result in significant medical problems or even death. However, when you are hurt you might not immediately know why. A full investigation may need to be done to determine why you became ill or injured.

How to Protect Your Rights If You’ve Been Hurt

Big pharmaceutical companies do not want to pay damages for their manufacturing defects, but when a manufacturing defect is a cause of your drug injury, then you have the right to recover. A pharmaceutical class action lawyer can investigate what happened and determine whether other people were similarly hurt.

If you and others were injured by a pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing defect, then together you may be able to form a class action lawsuit and collectively fight to recover damages for each of the people who have been hurt and chose to participate in the lawsuit. To learn more about protecting your rights, please start a live chat with us now.

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