You can demand a recovery for lost income due to a defective medical device or drug

Yes. If you can prove that a defective prescription drug or medical device caused you to suffer an injury so severe that you are unable to work, then you may be able to recover for the income that you are unable to earn due to your injury.

What Does Lost Income Mean?

Lost income means any source revenue that you have already missed out on, that you are currently unable to make, or that you will be unable to achieve in the future because of your injury. It could include:

  • Wages.
  • Bonuses and other incentives.
  • Benefits.
  • Income you made from being self-employed.

It is not all or nothing. If you are unable to work the same hours or at a job where you earn the same income as you did prior to your injury then you may be able to recover for the difference in your income in a pharmaceutical injury lawsuit.

You Didn’t Expect to Be Hurt, But You Should Expect a Fair Recovery if You Fight For It

The decision about whether to take a specific medication or use a certain medical device was not an easy one. It was one that you discussed with your doctor. At the time, you and your doctor decided that the benefits of the drug or medical device outweighed the possible risks. Yet you didn’t know all of the risks…and you didn’t know that you would be hurt.

Now, you deserve to make a fair recovery. If you join a pharmaceutical class action lawsuit, then your damages should be proportionate to your injuries and may include compensation for the income that you were, are, or will be unable to earn. To learn more about protecting your rights, please contact an experienced pharmaceutical class action lawyer for a free, no obligation consultation today by start a live chat with us or calling us directly at 800-800-5678.

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