A class action settlement may be able to get you justice for your medical injury claim

You may have heard the news and not known what to think. As part of a group of plaintiffs who have been hurt by a prescription drug, you may wonder whether a settlement is really in your best interest. You may be concerned that justice can’t be done without a jury, a courtroom, and a trial.

A Settlement May Be in Your Best Interest

Justice does not require a judge or jury. Generally, if your case settles then:

  • You will be notified by your lawyer.
  • The expenses, such as legal fees and costs, will be paid out of the settlement money.
  • The rest of the settlement money will be divided among the plaintiffs in the class action.
  • The case will not go to trial.

The settlement will likely be binding and it will prevent you from seeking additional damages in the future.

A class action settlement can…

  • Provide you with the financial recovery that you need and that you deserve.
  • Be less costly than going to trial.
  • Hold the pharmaceutical company accountable for the harm that has been done to you and the other plaintiffs in your class action case.
  • Help encourage this pharmaceutical company, and others, to do better testing, provide better warnings, and prevent future injuries.

In general, a settlement can help you achieve all of your litigation goals without going to court as long as the settlement amount is fair and can reasonably compensate individual class members for the injuries that they have suffered.

Every Case Is Different

You deserve to know what the settlement will mean for you and what will happen next. And you need to know the answer to your most pressing question: how much you are likely to recover in the settlement.

If you have specific questions about your case, about whether a settlement is in your best interest, or about how a pharmaceutical class action case works, then it is important to contact your pharmaceutical class action lawyer and to get the answers that may impact your recovery and your future.

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