The best way to know if you need a drug injury lawyer is to talk to one

Doctors often prescribe medications to help us get well or to help us manage our pain. We often don’t even think twice before using these products. We trust our medicines, especially since we know they are regulated by government agencies. However, some pharmaceutical companies have been producing products that may be very dangerous to consumers.

If You’ve Been Hurt by a Medication, Then You May Need a Pharmaceutical Class Action Lawyer

A pharmaceutical class action attorney can help you seek compensation through a class action lawsuit, if you are eligible to participate in such a case. There are many benefits of class action lawsuits, including:

  • Lower litigation costs. The cost for litigation can sometimes get expensive, especially when fighting large companies. Through a class action, the cost will be divided among class members.
  • Flexibility to seek even small amounts of compensation. Sometimes the harm you experienced may not be large enough to pursue a claim on your own. With the costs divided up among the class members, lower amounts may be sought per individual.
  • Efficiency. A class action takes place in one court room with one judge, which makes it much more efficient than individual lawsuits.
  • Information sharing. Filing as a group will allow the different members to share information among one another.

Did You Suffer Enough to Contact a Pharmaceutical Class Action Lawyer?

We can’t provide you with any litmus test or definitive standards for measuring prescription drug injuries. There is no clear-cut line between what is a minor side effect and what is a significant side effect for which you may be entitled to legal damages.

That said, there are factors that you should consider when deciding whether your pharmaceutical drug side effect was significant and whether you might want to join a class action lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries. For example, you might consider:

  • How long your symptoms lasted.
  • Whether you needed medical attention.
  • What kind of medical attention you required.
  • Whether you were able to work.
  • Whether you were able to go about your daily activities.
  • The amount of pain that you suffered.
  • Whether your life was at risk.
  • Other factors about your specific injury and the impact of the injury on your life.

Don’t Trust the Pharmaceutical Company to Protect You

Large companies, such as pharmaceutical companies, may try to pressure victims—directly or indirectly—to abandon their claims or to settle their claims quickly for much less than their claim is worth. Some of these companies trust that an individual victim does not have the financial resources to fight against a well-funded pharmaceutical giant. Accordingly, they may try to make it financially unfeasible for an individual to fight for a fair recovery.

You may not have to play this game, however. Instead, you may be able to file or join a class action lawsuit and combine your efforts and resources with those of other similarly injured victims. We encourage you to contact one of our attorneys today to find out:

Why It’s Important to Contact a Pharmaceutical Class Action Lawyer

Unless victims come forward, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held accountable for their actions and victims cannot get the recoveries they deserve.

Until you contact an experienced drug injury attorney, it can be very difficult to know if there is a class action pending against the manufacturer of the drug that caused your injury. You don’t know if other victims have come forward. You don’t know what your potential recovery might be.

A pharmaceutical class action case may not only help you recover the damages to which you are legally entitled, but it can also send a message to pharmaceutical companies. That message is that if drug companies continue to worry more about their profits than the safety of consumers, they will be caught and made to pay.

The best way to know if you need a class action lawyer is to talk to one. Please call us any time at 1-800-800-5678 to learn more. Your first consultation is free so you have nothing to lose, and much to potentially gain, by making the phone call.

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