Our civil justice system can help you recover for your losses after a pharmaceutical injury

No matter how badly you are hurt or how angry you are about your injuries, it is only worth pursuing a legal claim if you can recover damages. If you’ve been hurt by a medical device or a medication that has already hurt other people in a similar way, then you may have the right to start or to join a pharmaceutical class action case.

As with other types of lawsuits, your time to pursue a class action case is limited. Accordingly, it is important to understand what you can possibly gain from such a case and to contact an experienced pharmaceutical class action lawyer in Illinois as soon as possible.

Different Types of Damages

Damages in a class action case will be divided among the plaintiffs in an equitable way. Some of the damages that you may be able to recover include:

  • Medical expenses. This includes all health care costs associated with your injury such as your past, present, and future doctors’ appointments, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation therapies, and assistive medical devices.
  • Out-of-pocket costs. The additional costs made necessary by your injury may also be covered. If your loved one has died because of a medical device or medication, then this could include funeral costs. It may also include things like transportation costs, household help, and childcare if you incur these costs as a direct result of your injury.
  • Lost income. Any income, benefits, or other compensation that you are unable to earn may be recoverable. This includes past, present, and future wages, bonuses, benefits, and income earned from being self-employed.
  • Pain and suffering. Your emotional damages and physical pain may be significant and may be compensable.

In some cases, a jury may also award punitive damages to punish the drug manufacturer or marketer for wrongdoing.

Protect Your Right to a Fair Recovery

Before you join a class action case, it is important to make sure that all of your rights are protected. An experienced Illinois pharmaceutical class action lawyer can help you do that and help take the right steps to protect your recovery. If you have been hurt or a loved one has died because of a medication or medical device then we encourage you to contact us at any time—24/7/365—for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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