Don’t trust these three myths about medical device class action litigation

It can be terrifying to be injured by a prescription drug or medical device. You trusted the pharmaceutical company and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide your doctor with the tools to make you better. That trust was violated and now you are suffering the painful side effects of a drug or medical device that caused you significant harm.

It is time to consider your legal options. You may think about beginning or joining a pharmaceutical class action lawsuit, but is a class action lawsuit something that you can trust or will your trust once again be violated?

Don’t Believe These Myths

As you decide whether or not to take part in a pharmaceutical class action case, it is important to have accurate information so that you can make an informed and educated decision about how to proceed. Accordingly, our experienced pharmaceutical class action lawyers want you to know the truth about the following myths:

  • Myth 1: You Won’t Get a Fair Recovery in a Class Action Lawsuit. You will receive a fair share of damages that is proportionate to your injuries if the case settles or if the class is successful at trial.
  • Myth 2: You Won’t Have Any Control in a Class Action Lawsuit. You may speak directly with your lawyer and have the opportunity to be involved in your lawsuit. If you are a lead plaintiff in the case then you may have additional control and influence over the case.
  • Myth 3: Class Action Lawsuits Take Too Long. You may actually save time by joining a class action case, since the defendant will respond to one class action lawsuit rather than potentially thousands of individual cases.

These myths are simply untrue and can unnecessarily discourage you from protecting your rights in a class action case.

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