You are under a lot of pressure. Another driver’s negligence has caused you to suffer serious motorcycle accident injuries, and in an instant your life was changed. You have a lot of decisions to make about your medical care, about getting coverage at work, about taking care of your family, and about your possible legal case or settlement for your injuries. It may feel as if you are being pulled in a million different directions. Thankfully, our experienced Milwaukee bike accident lawyer put together a motorcycle injury checklist that should give you a good idea on how to protect your recovery in the first month after the crash.

motorcycle injury checklist from a Milwaukee bike accident lawyerThis One Month Motorcycle Injury Checklist Should Help You Stay the Course

Our Milwaukee bike accident lawyer wants to make things easier for you. We want to take some of the pressure off of you and help you get the recovery that you deserve. While we can’t advise you on your physical recovery or take away all your pain, we can provide you with some concrete guidelines with our motorcycle injury checklist that should help you figure out what to do in the days and weeks after your accident.

More specifically, we recommend that you:

  • Get medical attention. While this list is not in any specific order, number one on our motorcycle injury checklist (and for any personal injury) is to seek medical attention asap. It's extremely important, first and foremost, to see a doctor. Not only for your physical recovery but for your financial recovery should you hire a bike accident lawyer to represent you.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. While seeing a doctor is super important, actually listening to their recovery directions can make all the difference in the world between a smooth recovery and a rocky one.
  • Do not repair your bike yet (it may be evidence in your case). It's always important to not destroy any evidence that may help you recover fair compensation, and fixing your motorcycle would do just that.
  • Request a copy of your police report. Police reports can be essential to your financial recovery. Don't hesitate to request a copy of yours even if you think it won't make a difference, because it will.
  • Refuse to accept an insurance settlement prior to speaking with an experienced attorney. Insurance companies are notorious for offering low-ball offers in an attempt to settle quickly for less. Do not accept anything before talking to an experienced attorney.
  • Hire a Milwaukee bike accident lawyer. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is always a good idea, but not all PI attorneys are created equal. Make sure you find an accident lawyer that has plenty of experience with bike accidents in Milwaukee.
  • Refer any insurance adjusters or lawyers who may call to your Milwaukee bike accident lawyer. While you CAN handle some motorcycle crashes on your own, you shouldn't, and you should watch what you say to an insurance adjuster. Just pass them off to your bike accident lawyer in Milwaukee to make sure all aspects of your recovery are protected.

Of course, there may be more specific steps that you should take, or some of these steps may not apply to you. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact our experienced Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney to learn more about your rights and to get more information that may not be on our first month motorcycle injury checklist.

A Milwaukee Bike Accident Lawyer Can Help You Figure Out What to Do Next

You don’t have to bear the burden of your legal recovery on your own. Instead, we encourage you to contact our experienced Milwaukee bike accidednt lawyer today at 414-223-4800 to find out more about your protecting your rights and possible legal recovery. In addition to following this first month motorcycle injury checklist, we also invite you to learn more by downloading a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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