Recovering damages for clients is a key priority at Hupy and Abraham As a Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa personal injury law firm, we not only communicate with insurance companies daily but also keep track of their practices, allowing us to relay any relevant information to both our clients and the public. In upholding that commitment, we would like to convey that we’ve noticed a trend by one of these insurers that could greatly harm individuals who have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident.

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has been contacting individuals injured in accidents with their insured customers within a week of the accidents, offering to settle their claims. The Madison offices of Hupy and Abraham have two such examples in the Madison- Dane County area.

*Note that the representatives offered to pay for our clients’ injuries but were not specific about which medical bills or if any future medical costs would be covered.

1. A woman was contacted by a Progressive representative by phone and made a lowball offer of $500 “for her inconvenience” and all her medical expenses.  She rejected the offer.   

2. A man was injured in an accident with a Progressive insured and settled his property damage claim a couple days later. When a Progressive representative visited him at his home to present the check for his property settlement.  He was offered a meger $500 “for his inconvenience.” He declined and the offer was increased to $1,000, which he also refused.  He then demanded $2,500 but the representative stated he couldn’t give him that amount, instead proposing they increase their lowball offer to $1,250. Again, the man refused and ultimately hired our office to pursue his claim for bodily injuries.

The behavior demonstrated by Progressive Insurance and their representatives are extremely disturbing as injured individuals may be financially stressed and compelled to accept such lowball offers abruptly even though their medical treatment may require weeks, months or even years.

Accepting an early and quick settlement could prevent someone from EVER pursuing recovery for claims stemming from an accident or any further action. We caution the public to be aware that these practices by insurance companies is occurring throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

Please educate your family and friends aboutt these tactics and contact Hupy and Abraham before signing anything from insurance companies. 

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