It is almost always advisable to file a police report following a Wisconsin car accident. The Wisconsin personal injury attorneys of Hupy and Abraham provide some cases in which filing a police report is absolutely necessary.

3 Accidents to Always File a Police Report

  1. That cause personal injury.
    If anyone is hurt in the crash, a police report will allow you to have a record of the details of the injury. Police reports are helpful in recording as many details as possible in a manner which can be confirmed by the courts. 
  2. In which a driver flees the scene.
    In the event of a hit-and-run, your insurance company might require that you to stay at the scene to report the accident and will either allow you to report the accident at the scene or may require a “counter report,” which would require you to file a report at the nearest police station.
  3. That cause severe damage to one or more vehicles.
    Filing an immediate police report that details the extent of the damage to all vehicles involved in the crash is a precaution that could prevent against insurance fraud later on. 

Circumstances in which it may be helpful, if not necessary, to file a police report at the scene include: 

  • Another driver refuses to provide his insurance and contact information with the reason that they do not want a negative insurance report.
  • The other party claims to not have insurance.
  • The other driver tries to offer you cash to avoid involvement by the insurance companies.

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