Our client went to a big-box hardware store with her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law’s boyfriend to pick up landscaping bricks. While they were moving bricks into the boyfriend’s pickup truck, an employee asked if they needed help. Either the employee or the boyfriend recommended transferring the bricks to a pallet and then placing the pallet on the truck bed. The boyfriend picked up an empty pallet, while the employee backed up the fork truck to pick up a pallet with bricks. Now, our client, the boyfriend and the employee were moving bricks from the loaded pallet to the empty pallet. As the stack became uneven, the employee leaned across it and several bricks fell on our client’s left leg and right foot. 

The injuries to her lower right extremity caused pain, numbness and electrical shocks to her right foot. The neurologist diagnosed her with right foot pain from a crash injury and development of complex regional pain syndrome. Our client eventually received a spinal cord stimulator after multiple treatment modalities including physical therapy and injections. 

Attorney Jenna Green helped to settle for $210,000.