Gurnee auto accidents are often life changing - and not usually in a good way.
Hupy and Abraham can help you.

After the shock, emergency care, property damage, and ensuing anxiety or grief, you're looking for someone to help you cope with these countless worries as well as questions and problems - and to get you fair compensation for your injuries. 

Of all the Gurnee, Illinois, car accident attorneys out there, Hupy and Abraham rise above the rest, from understanding and compassion to case development and results.

Take a moment to learn how we can help you after a severe car accident in the Gurnee area, and contact us today for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

How We Can Help You

  • You need a law firm focused on helping crash victims just like you.
    Every day, we deal with auto accident victims who have serious medical issues along with complex lifetime care expenses from these debilitating injuries and are facing complicated legal matters and procedures, and fed up with insurance industry tricks and games. Most important of all, every day, Hupy and Abraham deal with people like you who have been injured, who are worried or grieving, and in need reassurance, support, and justice.
  • You want a local law firm that knows how to handle Gurnee area auto accident cases.
    Our attorneys are familiar with the Gurnee people, local laws, road conditions and dangerous roads, insurance adjusters, medical experts, and the local courts. Our intimate knowledge of all things Gurnee gives us an advantage that can make a significant difference in your car wreck case. In fact, Hupy and Abraham were voted the best personal injury law firm in a Gurnee readers' poll in both 2008 and 2009.
  • You deserve a GREAT Gurnee car wreck lawyer with a successful, proven track record.
    Hupy and Abraham's success has allowed us to build up a solid legal team, which in turn has bolstered our capabilities. We now combine the experience and skills of 13 highly qualified attorneys and the hard work of 100 legal staff to resolve the most complicated cases and achieve impressive results for victims of car accidents in the Gurnee area.
  • You want a law firm that cares enough to contribute to the local community.
    The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham have pledged to give back some of what the Gurnee community gave to them. We are actively involved in raising money, making donations, sponsoring and organizing events, supporting communities and research, offering rewards, feeding the needy, tutoring and educating, and funding scholarships. The mission at Hupy and Abraham is to do well by doing good.
  • Above all, you are looking for a law firm that gets results.
    Gurnee car wreck victims and their families who have gone through the ordeal of a severe accident need the help of a skilled yet compassionate attorney. Auto accident victims have a right to be fully compensated for their pain, suffering, and losses and Hupy and Abraham have fought passionately on behalf of victims like you - we have the case results to prove it.

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