Many people assume that the police officer who investigated the accident and filed the police report is the one who determines fault in a car accident. Technically, the police officer may ticket one driver, or both drivers, and thereby determine who is at fault. However, this is not the determination of fault that is definitive when it comes to who pays for car accident injuries in Illinois.

Instead, liability, or fault for the accident, will be determined in one of two ways. It may be determined by the insurance company during settlement talks or by the court during the trial process.

Put Your Best Case Forward

While you will not decide who was at fault in your car accident case, it is important that you present your side of the case, including all applicable evidence, so that your rights are protected. This may mean presenting pictures from the accident scene, expert testimony, and medical records, for example.

Do not trust the insurance company to provide you with a fair settlement in less you fight for it. Insurance companies profit by paying out as little as possible in settlements. Thus, it is important for you to present as strong a case as possible to encourage the insurance company to settle the case fairly.

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