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Streator, Illinois offers the benefits of small town living with the convenience of modern amenities and easy access to metropolitan areas. Streator is located in the northern part of the state, in the middle of a triangle formed by I-38, I-55, and I-80.

Streator has a history of being home to entrepreneurs, scientists, and independent thinkers. It's the birthplace of Burt Baskin, of Baskin-Robbins ice cream fame; and Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered the dwarf planet Pluto in 1930. Today, Streator's community proudly supports small business start-ups, established retail outlets, and satellite facilities for two regional hospitals—Order of St. Francis and Illinois Valley Community Hospital.

What to Do If You’re Hurt in Streator, Illinois

Accidents happen, even in a small, safe city such as Streator. If you’ve been hurt in any kind of motor vehicle crash, an accident on someone else’s property, or because of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, then you need to take action quickly to protect your rights.

Illinois law limits the amount of time you have to pursue a legal recovery. If you fail to take action within that time, then you'll remain responsible for all of your economic losses.

However, if you contact a reputable lawyer, then he can review your potential claim, advise your next steps, and fight for your fair recovery of damages. Your damages may include compensation for past and future healthcare costs, lost income, out of pocket costs, physical pain, emotional suffering, and other losses.

Get the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation after an accident in Streator leaves you injured. We would be pleased to meet with you in our Bloomington, Illinois office.

Directions to Our Bloomington Office From Streator

  • Head west on IL 18 W/E. Main Street toward Bloomington St.
  • Turn left onto E 15th Rd
  • Continue onto N 300 E Rd/Ancona Rd
  • Continue onto County Rd 2080 E/N Ford St
  • Continue onto N 2080 East Rd
  • Turn right onto E 3000 North Rd
  • Turn left onto N 1925 East Rd
  • Continue onto 1940 E/N 1950 East Rd
  • Turn right onto E 2200 North Rd/County Rd 2200 N
  • Turn left onto N 1900 East Rd
  • Continue straight onto Towanda Overpass Rd
  • Continue onto Historic U.S. 66 E/N Jefferson St
  • Turn right onto Hely St/Jefferson St
  • Continue onto County Rd 1900 E/Lamplighter Rd/Towanda-Barnes Rd
  • Turn right onto County Rd 1500 N/General Electric Rd

Our office will be on your left: 3801 General Electric Rd #3, Bloomington, IL

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