Hupy and Abraham, we won’t hesitate to pursue claims that are wrongly denied by insurance.

At Hupy and Abraham, we won’t hesitate to continue pursuing claims that are wrongly denied by the insurance company.  Attorney Timothy Schelwat of Hupy and Abraham recently resolved three cases within three months, all of which were originally denied outright by the respective liability insurers.

In one incident, our client experienced a rear-end collision.  But based on what the industry likes to call LVMI (low-velocity minimal impact), the insurance company denied that the accident could have resulted in injury.  Despite that, Hupy and Abraham then settled the case at mediation for $10,000.  

Another client’s claim was denied based on the insurer’s position that our client, who was simply walking while returning to her car in front of the post office, should have been paying more attention to passing vehicles, instead of looking at the mail in her hands.  The insurance company alleged that it was her fault when the defendant’s side mirror struck her while they were driving past.  Hupy and Abraham settled this case at mediation for $5,000. 

The third case involved a defendant who failed to yield the right of way and pulled out in front of our client.  The defendant rushed to turn left at the intersection on a yellow light and claimed that our client was speeding and therefore caused the collision.  Hupy and Abraham settled this case at mediation for $40,000.

Although these particular cases involved neither serious injuries nor massive financial recoveries, they do illustrate what hiring the right law firm can do for people.  Not willing to invest their time or money to actually help people, many law firms would have just dropped these three clients when their claims were denied by the multibillion-dollar insurance companies.  But Hupy and Abraham attorneys choose instead to file lawsuits to make insurance companies pay up when they wrongly deny a claim.

We've collected more than $1 billion for our clients and represented more than 70,000 injured people in our communities.  


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