Faulty Accident Reconstruction case result

One day in 2017, our client was driving his vehicle west on a Milwaukee County freeway. As vehicles slowed in a construction zone, our client’s vehicle was struck from behind by a semi.  The client suffered a back injury that necessitated the implantation of a muscle stimulator. 

Initially, the defendants offered $70,000 to resolve the claim. When that was rejected, the defendants retained a well-known, out-of-state engineering firm to conduct an accident reconstruction and a biomechanical analysis.  The defense experts concluded that the impact was less than 4 mph and that no injury could have been sustained.

Attorney Thomas Perlberg traveled to the east coast to take the depositions of these experts. At deposition, Attorney Perlberg was able to prove that the engineer had used the wrong vehicles in his analysis. Within two weeks of conducting the depositions, the case resolved for $825,000.