I was in a car accident and the insurance company did not want to pay for all of the medical bills that I had… So when I got back home two days after the accident, my dad chose to call the 1800 number for you so that we would know that all of my bills would get paid. We seen the number on TV and wrote it down right away. The first person that we met was very, very helpful in telling my dad and me what was going to be happening. He told my dad and I that I would be the one calling the shots for everything.

Thankfully we were able to finish the lawsuit. I was very happy to have finally gotten this done and able to put it behind me. I am very gratefully for the people that helped me out with getting everything taken care of and making it an easier road to walk down. I thank my initial attorney for starting off my case and helping me understand the process that was going to be ahead of me. I also thank him for also sending me to Doug Ross to finish the case closer to home than all the way down by Madison. I thank Doug for helping my dad to understand his police that he had and what it meant. Everyone was a great help in getting me the things that I wanted from the start and those were my medical bills paid off and the time I lost from work. They are a great group of people to have on one’s side of things.


S. Smith