Riding a motorcycle is a great way to commute to and from work. It is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors. A motorcycle ride can clear the head and strip the stress away like no other. Many people are realizing this, and deciding to purchase a bike and join in on the excitement. With many new riders hitting the road this spring and summer, it is important that they understand how to stay safe.

Riding on the road means that the motorcycle rider must compete with passenger vehicles and trucks. Unfortunately, these other vehicles often cause the rider to become a victim of a motorcycle accident in Milwaukee. Motorcycle riders must take extra precaution in order to compensate for these erratic drivers.

Three ways a motorcycle rider can stay safe on the road in Wisconsin are:

  • Ride with confidence. Ride with confidence by being familiar with your motorcycle and the rules of the road. Taking the time to understand these things can make a huge difference when on the road. Also, take the time to learn how the motorcycle handles and feels in traffic. It is important to not confuse confidence with aggressiveness.
  • Be seen. Many Milwaukee motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists not seeing the motorcycle rider. Although this is not the motorcycle rider’s fault, a rider can be more visible by wearing clothing with bright colors. Also, be sure that the headlight is on at all times.
  • Be alert. Be aware of what is going on around the motorcycle at all times. Watch for other vehicles that may be speeding, making erratic lane changes, or distracted. Use mirrors to know what is going on behind the motorcycle.

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