Trucking in the Cold Weather

 Developing habits like slowing down, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, and staying alert help to prevent accidents.  Here are some cold weather safety tips that will keep your drivers and fleet safe this winter.

  1. Invest in Modern Navigation for Your Fleet: Equip your trucks with navigation devices that provide real-time weather updates, so drivers will be well-informed about potential dangers ahead.

  2. Allow Extra Stopping Distance: Ice-covered roads require up to 10 times the stopping distance. Keeping a distance from the vehicle ahead of you will also protect you from the poor decisions of other drivers.

  3. Avoid the Ruts: While it may be tempting to drive in the ruts of other vehicles, these areas are usually icier, making them dangerous.

  4. Steer with Both Hands: It’s important to keep both hands on the wheel when driving in winter conditions to maintain better control of the truck.


Injured in an Accident?

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