If you settle your case for too low an amount, you yourself will have to pay for any medical expenses you didn’t expectYou should expect that your car accident settlement will be all of the compensation that you will ever receive for your car accident injuries. The insurance company will insist that the terms of the settlement agreement indicate that you are prevented from seeking additional compensation later, even if your medical bills are higher than anticipated. Thus, if you settle your claim now and your future medical bills are higher than you thought they would be, then you will be responsible for paying those bills.

Don’t Settle Too Quickly

It isn’t always possible to accurately predict the future. However, your future medical bills will become easier to anticipate as you go through treatment for your injuries. There is not a standard amount of time after an accident by which every accident victim will know his or her future medical costs. Instead, the amount of time it takes to have an accurate idea about future medical costs is unique to each accident victim.

Your doctor or team of doctors will determine your future medical needs. Once they are comfortable making these projections then your attorney will work with them and other experts to determine the cost of such future medical expenses. Until this can be done, it is too soon to settle your car accident claim.

Don’t Settle Without a Thorough Understanding of Your Rights

It is also too soon to settle your claim if you don’t have a complete understanding of your rights and of the settlement document you will be signing. You need to be sure that your future recovery is protected, just as your past and current expenses are covered.

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