Zofran: What You Need to Know About It

The morning sickness was severe and it was endangering the health of you and your unborn child. You couldn’t keep anything down. You tried crackers, ginger, motion sickness bands, and any other home remedy you could find, but the nausea and vomiting did not go away so you turned to your doctor for help. Your doctor prescribed Zofran to treat your morning sickness and you were hopeful that it was just what you and your child needed to be safe from the excessive vomiting.

But Instead Your Baby Was Hurt

After you took Zofran during pregnancy, your baby was born with a serious birth defect such as a:

  • Kidney problem.
  • Heart problem.

And you are left with questions, such as:

  • Was Zofran FDA approved?
  • Did that FDA approval include approval for use during pregnancy?
  • Did the FDA issue any safety warnings about Zofran?
  • What action should I take if my baby has suffered a birth defect?
  • What kind of compensation could your child recover?
  • Do I need a lawyer to help my child recover fair compensation?
  • How should I go about hiring an attorney?

This report will answer all of these questions and help you answer most important question:

Could My Child Recover Damages?

Right now, you are doing everything in your power to meet your child’s current and future medical needs, and the same attention needs to be paid to your child’s legal needs. Learn more about how a legal claim could help your child by downloading a FREE copy of our report, Zofran: What You Need to Know About It, so that you can get your questions answered and make the decision that is right for your child.

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