When it comes to driving, there are many types of accidents with many different injuries. One of these types of accidents that occur very often is an intersection accident. In fact, accidents that happen at an intersection account for 50 percent of urban wrecks and 30 percent of rural wrecks. The main causes for these accidents are negligent drivers and recklessness.

With the large number of Milwaukee car crashes taking place at an intersection, it is important to know how to prevent one from happening in the first place. Some ways a driver can help lower the odds of being involved in a Milwaukee intersection accident are:

  • Obey traffic lights. Traffic signals laws should be followed at all times. Traffic signals not only help the flow of traffic, but also ensure that every driver is safe.
  • Use caution on green. When a light is green, you should still be aware of what other drivers are doing. Before you go, be sure that there are no other vehicles crossing the intersection. Many drivers try to beat the yellow and end up running the red light.
  • Accelerate slowly. Do not stomp on the gas when the light turns green. Wait a second or two and gradually accelerate. This will allow ample time for the intersection to clear and for you to check and see if other cars are coming.
  • Don’t speed up. Do not accelerate when you are approaching an intersection. When approaching an intersection too quickly, a driver may not have time to slow or stop if needed. Be aware of upcoming intersection and drive accordingly.

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