Sending a demand letter is the first step in your Wisconsin car accident lawsuit processYou might get a call from an insurance adjuster soon after your car crash. Some may consider that the beginning of a car accident settlement, since anything that you say to the insurer may influence your eventual recovery, but that is not how the formal car accident insurance settlement process starts.

Instead, the Process Starts With a Demand Letter

The insurance company doesn’t have to provide you with any money unless you ask for it. Thus, formal car accident insurance settlement negotiations begin when you or your attorney sends a demand letter to the insurance company requesting a settlement for your accident injuries. The demand letter should be well drafted and persuasive. It should include…

  • Details about the accident, including why the other driver is liable for the accident and your injuries.
  • The specific injuries you have suffered.
  • The specific damages that you are seeking as compensation for your injuries.

The demand letter may be accompanied by supporting documentation.

You should expect to receive a written response to your letter after the insurance company has had time to receive it and consider it. Negotiations will then occur until a settlement is reached or your case goes to court.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Sending a Demand Letter

While the demand letter may begin the official settlement negotiations, things that happen prior to the demand letter could be relevant to your ultimate recovery. Accordingly, it is important to be cautious about talking to insurance adjusters, about putting information on social media, and about foregoing medical treatment, because these things could later hurt your settlement.

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