You may face substantial out-of-pocket costs after a Wisconsin car wreckYour out-of-pocket costs may not add up as much as your medical expenses or lost income do, but they are still significant losses that can have a substantial impact on your finances after a car accident.

You May be Able to Recover for These Costs

Your injury has made the things that you used to do painful or impossible to do independently. Depending on your specific injuries and daily activities, you may need help with:

  • Childcare.
  • Transportation.
  • Cleaning help.
  • Personal assistance with things such as showering and personal grooming.
  • Insurance deductibles.

Additionally, the damage to your car and any other property damage that you suffered could be compensable in insurance settlement negotiations or in court.

Helpful Hints for Protecting Your Recovery

In order to recover for your out-of-pocket costs after a car accident, you are going to have to ask for damages. You should not expect that the insurance company is going to automatically include them in a settlement unless you ask for them. Similarly, they will not be included in a court verdict unless you prove your loss. You can help protect your recovery of these damages by:

  • Keeping receipts of all of your expenses.
  • Hiring an expert witness to make a connection between your injury and these expenses. This will be especially important if you are claiming future out-of-pocket costs.

Additionally, you can contact an experienced car accident attorney who knows what damages you may be entitled to and how to advocate for your fair recovery. If you would like to speak with a lawyer, please contact us directly via this website.


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