Appleton car accident lawyerWhether you have been seriously injured in a auto accident or lost a loved one due to another driver’s negligent actions, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in Appleton, WI, can help you navigate the complex legal process and keep your rights and possible compensation protected.

The team at Hupy and Abraham has the experience and resources to handle car accident cases and will stay committed to every one of our clients, even after we've secured your financial recovery.

Below is a great guide on when, how and why you should hire an Appleton car accident lawyer to handle your case in Eastern Wisconsin.

When to Hire an Appleton Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, you may not be thinking about hiring a lawyer, but it should be at the top of your list and done as soon as possible. Our Appleton car accident lawyer can make sure your rights stay protected throughout the duration of your case. You will want to have an attorney on your side immediately after the accident so you can focus on healing from your injuries instead of focusing on the case.

The sooner you hire an attorney, the more successful your case can be. Having a skilled car crash lawyer can:

  • Make sure that your claim is filed correctly and within the necessary timeframe
  • Collect and preserve evidence that can be used to support your case, such as witness testimony, photos of the accident and your injuries, video evidence, and copies of police and medical reports
  • Negotiate with insurance companies that may call you right after the accident in an attempt to pressure you to settle the claim for less than it is worth

How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

When looking for the "best car accident lawyer near me" to use for your case, there are several factors to consider. You may want to begin your search online since most law firms have websites filled with helpful information. You can also ask friends and family for personal references of lawyers they may have used for similar cases or consider using an attorney you may know personally. You may want to narrow down options based on factors such as:

  • The size of the law firm, amount of experience handling car accident cases similar to your claim, and the amount of resources that the firm has available
  • Who will be your point of contact throughout the course of your case
  • Awards and accolades that can provide information on how the lawyer or law firm rates in the local community and what types of recognition they have been received
  • Case results give valuable insight into what types of car accident settlements have been awarded to clients and how many cases the lawyer or firm has won
  • Type of payment arrangement being offered—at Hupy and Abraham, we have a Win or It’s Free Guarantee!
  • Whether the lawyer will take your case to court if it does not settle with the insurance company
  • Testimonials from past clients showing how satisfied they have been with the firm and the lawyers (like the one below!)

Finally, you will want to meet with each lawyer in person. Most lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss your case. At this meeting, you will want to ask questions and determine by their answers whether you feel comfortable with them and whether they are honest, trustworthy, and able to handle your case. If you do not have a good gut feeling about a specific lawyer, they may not be the right option for you.

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Auto Accident Claim

There are many benefits of hiring a car accident attorney in Appleton to help with your car accident claim. At Hupy and Abraham, we have a Win or It’s Free Guarantee, so there is no risk of hiring us for your case. Using a lawyer to represent your case can keep you advised of your legal rights and guide you through the claim process so you can avoid making mistakes that could affect the amount of your settlement.

A lawyer will calculate the value of your case so that they can fight for the full amount of compensation you deserve. They will investigate the accident in order to prove that another party was negligent in their actions and should be held responsible.

Our Appleton car accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies so you can avoid saying anything that could be interpreted as you admitting fault or saying something that could be used against your case. The insurance company may undervalue your claim and offer you much less than your case is worth. A lawyer will fight to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve. If the insurance company does not settle your case, a car accident lawyer will be prepared to take the case to trial and represent you in court.

Should I Hire a Car Wreck Lawyer for a Minor Accident?

Are you questioning whether you need an auto accident attorney for a car crash that was minor? If you have questions, don’t leave them unanswered when you can call an experienced lawyer for a free consultation about your case. A lawyer can determine if you have a claim and, if so, advise you on what steps to take.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash, even if it was minor, and missed work or school due to the injury, it is essential to contact a lawyer for your case. You may soon find medical bills and other expenses adding up as well as other expenses due to your inability to work or earn an income. If you cannot work and cover the costs of medical treatment, this can become a financial burden, and an attorney will fight to recover compensation for these types of damages. You may also be able to recover damages for:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medications
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Many injuries that result from a car accident can cause permanent disability or impairment and alter your life. Some minor car accidents cause fatal injuries. A lawyer will determine what type of compensation you are entitled to receive and go against the insurance company to make sure you get what your claim is worth. The insurance company may dispute that the accident was minor. An attorney can prove that even in a minor accident, you can suffer serious injuries. This can be done by reviewing medical records and statements from experts that can testify on your behalf.

When is it too Late to Hire a Car Crash Attorney?

After the accident, you may be consumed with medical appointments and require treatment for your injuries. You may not think about calling a lawyer immediately after the accident, but it is essential to contact one now. 

You will want to contact our Appleton car accident lawyer as soon as possible because if you don’t, you could miss the deadline for filing a claim and be prevented from recovering compensation for your injuries. The statute of limitations in Wisconsin for a personal injury claim is three years from the date of the accident. If you miss this deadline, your claim will be dismissed by the court, and you will not be able to recover any damages or be able to seek future compensation. As long as you are within the necessary deadline for filing a claim and have not yet settled with an insurance company, it is not too late to hire a car wreck attorney in Appleton.

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