Traffic accidents can cause a wide range of brain injuriesBrain injuries are the leading cause of both death and disability in people aged one to 44. However, not all brain injuries are the same. If you’ve been hurt in a Wisconsin car accident, then it is important to know exactly what type of brain injury you have so that you can get the treatment that you need and make the fair recovery that you deserve.

Common Types of Brain Injuries That May Result From Car Crashes

Traumatic brain injuries may be severe, moderate, or mild. Generally, a longer period of unconsciousness indicates a more significant brain injury. If you, or a loved one, have suffered a head injury or you experience any symptoms of a brain injury then it is important to talk to your doctor about specific conditions such as:

  • Nerve damage / diffuse axonal injury / shearing or tearing of white matter: The axons, or nerve cells of the brain, may be damaged due to the quick acceleration or deceleration that occurs during a car accident. The sudden change in speed can cause the brain to move backward or forward quickly and may cause shearing or tearing of the white matter. The consequences of this type of brain damage can be significant and may include coma, a persistent vegetative state, and death.
  • Lacerations: The tissue or blood vessels of the brain can hit the hard bone of the skull and rip or tear during the force of a car accident. These cuts—lacerations—are common when there is a skull fracture or when something penetrates the skull bone, and they are often seen with other types of brain injuries. The specific symptoms of a laceration include bleeding and other problems related to the area of the brain where the injury occurs.
  • Blood clots / hematomas: Generally, there are three types of hematomas to be concerned about after an accident: an epidural hematoma that occurs between the dura lining and the skull; a subdural hematoma that occurs between the brain and the dura lining; and an intracerebral hematoma that occurs deep in the brain tissue. All three types of hematomas are blood clots that form when a blood vessel ruptures.
  • Concussions: A concussion is one of the best known types of traumatic brain injuries. While many concussions heal without lasting complications, some people have ongoing complications from Wisconsin car accident concussions—particularly if they’ve had previous concussions.

Once you have been properly diagnosed, then it is important to move forward with your recovery.

How to Recover From a Wisconsin Car Accident Brain Injury

Your recovery will include both your physical recovery and your legal and financial recovery. Please talk to your doctor about your diagnosis and ongoing medical needs and please read our free book, The Ultimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims, to learn more about your legal rights and recovery.

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