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Milwaukee personal injury lawyer Amanda Pirt discusses why she became a lawyer and the unique culture at Hupy & Abraham

"I originally studied science in college. From there, I got into the health insurance and social work world. I quickly realized that I could make more of an impact if I went into law school. I originally thought that I would practice family law, but then realized I wanted to help people who were injured.

I spend a lot of time working on settlement files. I work with clients before their case enters the court system. My goal is to recover as much as I can for my clients who have been injured in an accident.

The culture at Hupy & Abraham is very business-like with the goal to help our clients. There is a high expectation to get the best results for our clients as quickly as we can.

The team at Hupy & Abraham is experienced in handling a wide array of accidents. Whether you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, automobile accident, slip-and-fall accident, or from a product, our team will work hard to get you a result you are satisfied with."

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