Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but some places are more likely than others

An Illinois slip and fall accident can happen anywhere. Anytime a property owner fails to correct or warn you about a dangerous condition, you can fall and you can be seriously injured. Over the last five decades, our attorneys have helped thousands of personal injury victims and we have fought hard for their recoveries, regardless of where they were injured. Yet many of those injuries have occurred in certain types of locations.

Where Slip and Fall Accident Often Occur

Many people who suffer slip and fall injuries are hurt in, at, or on:

  • Supermarkets. Slippery floors, boxes, dropped food and other conditions can make grocery store floors dangerous for customers.
  • Stores. Clutter, uneven flooring, poor lighting, torn carpet and other hazards can result in shoppers falling in stores.
  • Restaurants. The busy environment of a restaurant can lead to spills, wet floors, and trip hazards that result in falls for restaurant patrons.
  • Hotels. It is important for hotel staff to regularly inspect the property, fix dangerous conditions, and warn visitors of potential slip or trip and fall hazards.
  • Gyms. Wet floors, wires, and broken equipment can all create fall risks for gym goers.
  • Sidewalks. Uneven or broken sidewalks can create trip hazards and icy or otherwise slippery conditions can create fall hazards for people walking on sidewalks.
  • Playgrounds. Broken equipment, poorly maintained facilities, or poorly designed playgrounds can create fall dangers for children and adults.
  • Amusement parks. There are slip and fall hazards on rides, on the grounds, and in the facilities of amusement parks.
  • Hospitals. Slippery floors, cluttered halls, and other hazards can create fall hazards for visitors, patients and staff.
  • Elevators or escalators. A malfunctioning elevator or escalator can create a slip or trip and fall hazard and resulting injury.

Anyone who has been hurt in one of these places—or anywhere else—is entitled to damages if the fall happened because of a dangerous condition that the property owner knew about, or should have known about, and failed to fix or warn people about.

If you have been hurt in a fall on an Illinois property then now is the time to find out more about your rights and potential recovery. Please start a live chat with us or call us directly at 1-800-800-5678 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

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