An insurance claim is the starting part for getting fair compensation for a fall injury

Illinois law does not typically require property owners or renters to have liability insurance. That said, mortgage lenders and commercial landlords typically require liability insurance, and that insurance could be applicable to your recovery after a slip and fall accident.

An experienced slip and fall lawyer will investigate all potential sources of insurance and fight for your fair recovery from all applicable insurers.

What Insurance Could Apply to My Recovery?

The type of insurance that could apply to your fall accident injury depends on where you fell. Some examples include:

  • Homeowner’s insurance. While Illinois law does not require homeowners to carry insurance, it is required by mortgage lenders. Additionally, many people who own their homes outright carry homeowner’s insurance to protect themselves from financial catastrophe if an accident occurs on their property.
  • Residential rental insurance. Landlords or property owners may have insurance on their rental properties. Additionally, some renters may have liability coverage within their rental unit. One or both types of insurance may be applicable if you have been hurt on a rental property.
  • Commercial property insurance. Most commercial leases require tenants to have property insurance. Commercial landlords may also carry property insurance, and one or both of these insurance policies may be applicable to your fall injury recovery.

All of these types of insurance policies are important protections for individuals and businesses, and thus many homeowners, renters, and business owners chose to have adequate insurance policies to protect themselves in case someone is injured on their properties.

However, even if there is adequate property insurance to protect your recovery after a slip and fall accident, you may still find yourself in a dispute with the insurance company. Insurance companies profit by paying out as little as possible in insurance claims. Accordingly, the insurance adjuster assigned to your case may not be willing to pay you a fair recovery for your damages unless you fight or it.

Let an experienced fall injury lawyer fight for a fair recovery on your behalf. Contact us today at 1-800-800-5678 to learn more about tips and resources for protecting your slip and fall recovery.

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