The owner may be liable if you fall or trip in his dangerous or improperly maintained building

The details of every fall accident may vary, but often the underlying causes are the same. If you have been hurt in an Illinois fall accident, then it is important to know what caused you to fall so that you can recover fair damages. Our experienced slip and fall lawyers have represented thousands of personal injury victims, we know what to look for in a fall investigation, and we are happy to share that information with you in this article and during a free consultation.

Three Reasons People Fall

If you have fallen on an Illinois property then it is important to consider whether you fell because of…

  • Unsafe property design. The property where you fell may have been unsafe when it was built due to an inadequate design. If the property lacked appropriate lighting or failed to comply with building codes, for example, then the property may have been unsafe by design.
  • Inadequate property maintenance. The failure to maintain a safe property may result in a fall injury. A property owner who fails to maintain a safe property and who fails to warn people of dangers that are known, or should be known, may be liable for any resulting fall injuries.
  • Snowy or icy conditions. Illinois property owners are typically not liable for injuries that result from the natural accumulation of ice or snow. Likewise, they are typically not liable for injuries that result from their attempts to remove naturally accumulating ice and snow. However, if there is a problem with the design or maintenance of the property or if the property owner acts in a willful or wanton manner, as described by the Illinois courts, then a property owner may be liable for fall injuries.

Evidence from your fall location will be important in determining why you fell and whether you may recover damages for your injuries. Things such as photographs, surveillance video, witness testimony, maintenance records, design plans and your own medical records may help determine why you fell.

What to Do After a Fall

The reason why you fell may not be immediately apparent after your accident. It may take a thorough investigation by an experienced attorney who can analyze the evidence and the law to determine what the property owner knew, or should have known, prior to your fall.

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