what happens if you slip and fall at the gym?

When you visit a gym your goal is to improve your health; it is not to get hurt.

Gym owners and operators have a duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to do what is necessary to prevent injury to patrons. Gym owners can’t keep you from hurting yourself if you fail to warm up properly, if you over-exert yourself, if you neglect to follow instructions, or if you fail to pay attention to the warnings for using exercise machines. However, gym owners and managers should ensure that the gym is safe as long as you and other patrons behave responsibly.

How Slip and Fall Accidents Happen at the Gym

Patrons of gyms and fitness centers can slip and fall for many reasons. Some examples of slip and fall hazards at gyms include:

  • Wet floors in the locker room, shower room, or bathroom.
  • Newly mopped floors in the gym or lobby.
  • Snow or rain tracked into the lobby.
  • Worn or torn carpet.
  • Broken or loose floor tiles.
  • Broken equipment.
  • Electrical wires or cables that run across the gym floor.

These are conditions that can be anticipated by gym managers and owners. The gym owner has a duty to watch for potentially dangerous conditions and post warnings until they can be repaired. If the gym owner fails to do so, then you may trip or slip and fall.

Serious Injuries Can Result From Fall Accidents at the Gym

If dangerous conditions are ignored by gym owners and managers, then patrons can sustain serious injuries including head injuries; brain injuries; broken bones; and back, neck, or spinal cord injuries.

Those who are injured because of a dangerous condition at a gym may have a right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages through a personal injury lawsuit.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a local gym, then please contact our personal injury attorneys at 800-800-5678. You can schedule your free consultation and learn if you qualify to file a gym injury lawsuit.

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