slip & fall accident scene in a Rockford grocery storeA slip, trip or fall can occur on any type of property, including a business, a private residence, or a public sidewalk. If the property owner was negligent in maintaining the property or failed to provide adequate warnings of potential hazards, you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against them with the helped of our experienced Rockford slip and fall lawyer.

You are not required to hire legal representation to pursue compensation for your injuries. However, working with a slip & fall attorney provides the best chance of maximizing your compensation. At Hupy and Abraham, our experienced lawyers have been helping people who have been injured get the recoveries that they deserve since 1969.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for My Slip and Fall Case?

If you've been seriously injured, you'll probably need a lawyer to accurately value your claim. Serious injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. These types of injuries often require extensive medical treatment, including surgeries, hospitalization, physical therapy, and more. You'll need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills and other expenses related to your accident, as well as your personal pain and suffering.

The circumstances of your accident are also important to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer. If your accident was caused by someone else's negligence—for example, if you slipped on a wet floor that wasn't properly marked with a warning sign—you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. But if your accident was simply due to your own carelessness, it's unlikely that you'll need a lawyer.

When Should I Call a Slip, Trip, and Fall Lawyer?

The statute of limitations affects how much time you have to file a slip and fall claim. In Illinois, you have two years from the date of your accident to take legal action. If you wait too long, you'll likely be barred from recovery.

Even though the statute of limitations gives you two years to file your claim, it's important to call a Rockford slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Your lawyer will need time to investigate your claim and gather evidence to support your case. The sooner you call, the better your chances of success.

Contacting a lawyer is also important if you've been contacted by an insurance company. Insurance companies often try to settle slip and fall claims quickly and for far less than the victim is actually entitled to. An experienced slip & fall accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve.

Do I Have a Valid Slip and Fall Claim?

In order for your slip and fall claim in Rockford to be considered valid, there are certain elements that must be present. The following must be present:

  • Duty. You must show that the defendant owed you a duty of care under the circumstances. For example, all property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors.
  • Breach of duty. You must show that the defendant breached their duty of care by failing to take reasonable precautions under the circumstances. For example, if there is water on the floor of a restaurant and no one has put up a wet floor sign, this would be considered a breach of duty.
  • Causation. You must show that the defendant's breach of duty was the cause of their injuries. For example, if you slipped on water in a grocery store and broke your arm, you would need to show that it was the store's failure to put up a wet floor sign that caused your injuries.
  • Damages. You must show that you suffered some type of harm as a result of the defendant's negligence. For example, if you suffered a serious head injury in a slip and fall accident, you would have medical bills as well as lost wages if you were unable to work while you recovered from your injuries.

If you can prove all of these elements, then you likely have a valid slip and fall claim in Illinois. If you are not certain that you have a valid claim, you can discuss your concerns during your initial consultation with a Rockford slip and fall lawyer.

How Can Our Rockford Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Prove Lost Wages?

If you've been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages. The process for proving your lost wages varies depending on your specific type of employment:

  • Salaried employee. If you have a full-time salaried position, proving your lost wages is relatively simple. Your lawyer will obtain a copy of your pay stubs or W-2 form from the past year and calculate your lost wages based on that information.
  • Hourly worker. If you are an hourly worker with variable income, the calculation is a bit more complicated. Your lawyer will need to obtain records of your work history and income over the past year in order to calculate an average hourly wage. They will then multiply that wage by the number of hours you were unable to work due to your injuries.
  • Self-employed business owner. If you are self-employed, your lawyer will need to obtain records of your income, such as bank statements, tax returns, and profit or loss statements. They will then need to calculate an estimate of what your lost wages would have been had you not been injured in the accident.
  • Job seeker. If you were not unemployed but actively looking for work at the time of the accident, your lawyer will need to obtain records of your job search, such as job postings you applied for, emails or letters from potential employers, and records of any interviews you had scheduled.
  • Caregiver. If you were a stay-at-home parent with young children or a caregiver for another family member, you may still be able to recover lost wages. In order to do so, your lawyer will need to calculate the value of the services you provided and how much it would have cost to replace those services.

No matter what your employment situation is, if you've been injured in a slip and fall accident, an experienced Rockford slip and fall lawyer can help you.

Rockford slip and fall lawyerHow Much Are Lawyer Fees for a Slip and Fall?

Like other personal injury lawyers, slip and fall lawyers offer free initial consultations. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your claim with a lawyer and for the lawyer to decide whether or not they want to take on your case.

If a Rockford slip and fall lawyer does decide to take on your case, they will do so on a contingency basis. This means that they will only receive payment if they are able to recover compensation for you. Contingency fees are typically a percentage of the total amount recovered.

In addition to the contingency fee, you may also be responsible for other costs associated with your case, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and the cost of obtaining medical records. These costs will be deducted from the final settlement or verdict amount.

Most slip and fall cases are settled out of court. However, if your case goes to trial, you may be responsible for additional costs, such as trial exhibits and jury consulting fees.

Your lawyer should clearly explain what costs you are responsible for and when legal fees must be paid. If you do not understand a lawyer's fee structure, do not be afraid to ask questions.

How Can I Speak to a Rockford Slip and Fall Lawyer?

If you or a loved one have been recently injured in a Rockford slip and fall accident, Hupy and Abraham can help. At our Rockford personal injury firm, we welcome clients from all over Illinois—including the communities of Belvidere, Roscoe, Freeport, Beloit, DeKalb, Sycamore, and Machesney Park. To set up a confidential free consultation, fill out our convenient contact form online or call us at 1-800-800-5678

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