Different Kinds Of Truck Accidents

Your truck accident was unique. No one else suffered the same injuries in the same way that you did. Part of what makes your accident unique is the way that your accident happened. The way that the truck collided with your car is important because it may provide valuable clues about the cause of the crash and about the injuries that you suffered.

Different Kind of Truck Crashes That Can Occur

Some of the most common types of truck and passenger car collisions occur in:

  • T-bone accidents. When one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle then a T-bone collision has occurred. Trucks are not currently required to have side underride guards, and drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles can be significantly injured in these types of crashes.
  • Rear-end wrecks. If a truck rear-ends your vehicle or if you rear-end a truck that does not have the required underride guards, then you can be seriously injured and you may be able to make a legal recovery.
  • Head-on collisions. Head-on crashes result in more truck accident deaths for people in passenger cars than any other type of collision. Those who survive often suffer serious injuries. If a trucker was at fault for the head-on crash, then you have the right to pursue a fair recovery
  • Rollover crashes. A truck rollover may not only hurt the trucker but it could also injure anyone else who is traveling near the truck at the time of the accident. Trucks have a higher center of gravity than smaller vehicles and are often at greater risk of rolling over than other types of vehicles.
  • Left-turn accidents. Left-turn crashes are often caused by a driver’s error at an intersection. The specific injuries that result from this type of accident depend on the speed at which both vehicles were traveling at the time of the collision, the point of impact, and other factors.
  • Jackknife crashes. Large trucks often have a cab section and a trailer that are connected. When the trailer swings in a different direction than the cab than a jackknife crash occurs. Any vehicle or pedestrian that is in the path of the truck when it jackknifes is at risk of injury.

In addition to the type of collision, it is important to consider the type of truck that was involved in your crash. Different legal issues may arise if, for example, you were hurt in a collision with a:

  • Smaller truck. Smaller trucks, such as box trucks, may not be subject to the same regulations as large commercial trucks. However, they can be involved in the same types of serious accidents as those described above and it is important to know your rights if you are injured in a crash with a smaller truck.
  • Government truck. Government trucks also present the same risks as other types of trucks. However, the rules for suing the government for a truck accident injury may be different than suing a private defendant. Accordingly, it is important to take action quickly to protect your rights.
  • Truck carrying hazardous cargo. Sometimes the cargo that a truck is carrying can present additional risks in a crash. For example, hazardous cargo may be flammable or it may result in dangerous toxins being inhaled.

Regardless of the type of collision or the type of truck, there is one thing that remains true if you were hurt in a crash.

You Have the Right to Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer

In order to make a recovery in any kind of truck accident case, you need to prove that someone else’s negligence caused your accident and resulting injuries. Our experienced truck accident lawyers will gather the necessary evidence and fight hard for your fair settlement or just recovery in court.

It costs nothing to speak with our Illinois truck accident attorneys. We always offer free, no-obligation consultations. If you decide to hire us, then we can work on a contingency fee basis so that we are paid a percentage of your recovery rather than an hourly fee. To schedule your meeting, please call us directly at 800.800.5678 or contact us online

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